From time to time I make a new account (in this case, 南米の雀) to descend into ippan tonpuusen and eat the souls of the players in there.

EDIT: Graduated from ippan tonpuusen. Gonna devour people at joukyuu tonpuusen for a while now.

EDIT 2: I will just paste my ippan stats back-to-back with those of Mark 2 (coolest tenhou'i guy) for later analysis.

Yeah, I haven't played that many games this month, but it turns out according to the stable dan calculator for upper dan games, I am a stable 17th dan.

Researching a little bit, 17 is the highest number the calculator will give you, so it is not possible to know the "real" number, and also pointless as it is only a string of 11 games or so. Which means nothing. It is obviously variance coming from a low number of games; last month with 30 games, it was stable 12th dan. So, let us compromise and say I am probably around 14th dan or so?

Joking aside, I have been thinking if I can maintain good results of 30 games like these daily monthly, I might be able to do something with it. It could probably help for getting into houou in... a year or so. w

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