My flow can get so bad sometimes, that things like this happen to me.

Notice how I still am left over with yet MORE routouhai. So, yeah.

This happened to me on Pairon, too. Except Pairon doesn't have a nice box that tells you "Yay! Nagashi Mangan! You suck but that's cool at the same time!" No, they just add the points silently after ryuukyoku.

I wonder what happens on other servers and systems. Oh, well.

Can it really get worse than that? I sure am glad to have chosen 5s over 8s to riichi.

Also, another lucky ippatsu while we're at it:

Aaaaaaalso, I need to take more screenshots. But nothing remotely interesting happens anymore.

EDIT: This just came in: 【40】 1位(+47.0) [東喰赤速]

Lol? Gyakuten much?
I never aim for kokushi, though. I'm more of a nagashi fan, myself. At least, nagashi doesn't fuck your hand up when you realize you can't achieve it anymore. Most of the time, at least.

And sometimes, all roads lead to death.

Primero que nada, me han linkeado en el blog de Osamuko, yay~ Thanks.

Segundo, sostengo que el Cliente Premium de Tenhou, aún si es Trial Version, regala mentiras absurdas al jugador. Unos ejemplos, jugando contra COM (discard bot):

Asi que ya saben, si quieren tres ura dora y riichi ippatsu tsumo, haganse premium.

Yo, no tengo para premium, me voy a quedar con mi "riichi, pinfu, dora" por un par de meses. 3900 puntos bien ganados... (as IF).
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