And win.
Only menzen, aim for yaku, win a perfect game.

【12】 1位(+71.0) [般南喰赤]

Yeah, well, and let's also abuse our shimocha who doesn't seem to know what a yaku even is.

Yeah, yet another new account.
I was watching Kaji's broadcast today and managed to join him for two games. I couldn't really do much of anything. Even though it was tonpuusen, and I like to think of tonpuusen as one of my fortes, but... I don't know, I was too much of a coward to go ahead with some hands, and I also felt it was embarrassing to deal in publicly, so I kept folding hands, even when I had nothing to fold with! But, all in all, it is fun. I'll try to loosen up a little for next time. Anyways, the replays.

takutei = Takunori Kajimoto pro

【37】 3位(-28.0) [般東喰赤]
[2011/03/10/般東喰赤] A:poison02(+6.0) B:xkime(-28.0) C:takutei(-43.0) D:落とし玉(+65.0)

【38】 3位(-20.0) [般東喰赤]
[2011/03/10/般東喰赤] A:ろんどん(-36.0) B:takutei(+48.0) C:xkime(-20.0) D:古川凱章(+8.0)

Right after that, I played a freeroll tournament in Dragon Kong, EMA rules, and I managed to hit first! I also got a Haitei with a 4p tanki, and a Shou San Gen (w/ryanmen wait). I had some lucky hands, and I managed to only deal in once, to a 1000 points hand, which later on ended up making another guy and I tie for first place in the first match. w

So, now, I have some money in there too. And no way to withdraw it, of course.
Hey there, guys. As some of you may know or may not know, I translate stuff from time to time, mainly mahjong theory from different parts of the interweb. I decided to share with you a couple of links, where you may read them, along with other incredible articles.
Chances are that if you know this blog, you already know those sites, but still.

Puyo's guide for leveling up in tenhou:

Tile efficiency:

Guidelines for calling tiles:

Guidelines for playing with shuugi or chips (as in Jansou mode):

The right mindset to level up in tenhou:

Be sure to read all of it, and enjoy. Also, I may take on very specific requests, so if you have an article that would interest me enough to translate it, let me know.
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