Oh, yes, ragequit is so delicious.

I farmed a few ryuukyoku and the game just gave me the final nail with a dealer baiman.

Ragequitting kakkowarui ne.
Video version is back. It's all in the video's info, but:

Yakitori until the last round, then with 9000 points in All Last, a comeback. Oyabai, hassen ooru... itadakimasu wa.

Background Music: bloooomin' - 咲-saki-"

My game gets utter shittier at one point, but I wasn't sure what to do against the other guys anymore. I just started pressing buttons and hoping I wouldn't end up yakitori. It was quite desperating. But still, funny how it ended. I don't think I have many replays as curious as this occurrence. I have one when I ended up last with 7000 points without dealing into anyone AND having won a mangan, which is some awesome tsumo action, but this one was just more fun.

Go on with the dora powered hand? Or just fold retaining dora?

On this situation, I fcked up and just decided to fold completely, but in retrospective I would recommend getting rid of the 5p as safe tiles, and attempt an ittsuu with the haku dora as pair. Even if it's open. That would have worked just fine.

Should I have declared riichi? Should I not?

Still, the fact is that those 4 extra han I pulled out of nowhere were good enough to end up first this time.

Besides, I was very pissed off about losing my double riichi on the previous game, AND dealing in during the process.

And yes, I returned to Tenhou because I got tired of Janryuu's bs:

I can only wonder why that guy, being more than 4 away from tenpai, decided to call every manzi tile.

In a screenshot related to the first one, I pose the question:
What would you do and why?
I already took my decission, and ended up second because the dealer made a huge tsumo in oorasu before I could call a single tile, as always, but still.

People go for open hon/chin itsu too often. I really love to get these hands closed, it makes you feel like a big and powerful tough boy. They say your e-pen1s grows an inch for every menzen chin itsu you win. This, however, seems to be a lie. Oh, well. I somehow managed to get chin itsu tenpai so fast and with a believable sanmenmachi (three sided wait, or whatever) so I decided to try my luck and riichi.

Of course, my toimen declared riichi afterwards, too. So it was kind of like a little roulette. In the end:

Something like uradora 3 would have been awesome, but my luck is divided in only little fragments like these.

Next hand, I was tenpai with the last monster's young sibling:

Again, sanmenmachi. Upgradeable to ryanpeikou, but I really didn't even need the points, just a winnable tenpai that doesn't require me to riichi and expose my arse. Anyway, the dealer made a mangan tsumo a while later and ended up in first place for like 1000 points. I didn't even bother folding, but useless tiles kept coming to me nonetheless. I still can't get over losing that first place without dealing in. Meh. This kinda thing happens.

Also, I drew an interesting hand in another game:

The old question is "nani wo nerau?"
What would you aim for?
It took me so long to draw useful tiles that I ended up ponning 1s, and chi'ing 567p, for a jigoku dora tanki for san shoku dou kou doradora, about enough not to end last. But someone won a lot of points off the guy in third, so he ended up last instead. I dealt in a lot that game (twice in a tonpuusen), I'm surprised I didn't end up last.

I wanted to leave a little something too for this post:

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