Janryuumon 7th Dan, rating fell quite a bit since I switched to Tonpuusen+Tetsugeki theory. No matter, if I managed to play JRM a little bit more often I could manage to 9th dan already, but I'm a tenhou slave.

Anyone can play this kind of mahjong:

Can I have my yakuman now? w
Haven't gotten a yakuman in a while. Got my second Shou Suu Shii.

Good thing I wasn't on tenari mode.


For one thing, at least I'm on the possitive side.
Janryuumon reached sixth dan and got back some rate.

Tenhou, still 5th dan but rate is now increasing, not doing so bad at hanchan. Not -that- bad.

Still rediscovering mahjong every day. So it seems. It just gets more and more complicated.
5th Dan get.

(Where did all the rate and Jantama go? ...As for the rate, I had a pretty bad losing streak. But I'm getting back from it. As for the Jantama, I am addicted to Custom Matches in NicoNico streams)


Now I can die peacefully.

Video version:

It probably doesn't matter much after this, but anyways, quick tenhou update (getting the hang of last place avoidance):

Last % goes down quite a bit, but so does the rate. I'm still just not there.
R1900 Get. Agari-ritsu somehow up to .258. Rentai is pretty high too. 4th place considerably low, especially for tonpuusen only. Fuurou ritsu still -relatively- low at .394; I wanted to have at least .500 or so, but I don't get enough chances to call it seems. Riichi ritsu is also not as high as I wish, even though I'm not doing damaten for the most part. I wonder if this time around I'll keep this up long enough to have a new account that can also enter tokujou, and maybe houou in a few months.

The tenhou account I made especially for fast tonpuusen (east wind) has reached R1800 in a few games.
My goal is also to increase the hand-win rate from .252 to at least .300 and to increase the open hand rate to at least .400 or .500
Super attack style.

As for Janryuumon, no news. I've been playing mainly friendly matches for live broadcasts.


2 dan get. R1900 looks close once again.

3rd dan to 4th dan

3rd dan R1831P ---)) 4th dan


As for tenhou, I made a new account, especially for tonpuusen only. Apparently, this is how I play tonpuusen:

Some baiman+ hands that appeared in those games:

Despite that yakuman win, I still ended up first. It ended right there, anyway.

First of all, how the Janryuumon adventure is going.

Currently 2Dan.
Rating: 1823P
Sparrow Pearls: 160840 (lol and none of them bought)
(all ari-ari) 37%-23%-22%-18% (Average 2.21, Rentai 60%)
(all nashi-nashi) 35%-25%-20%-20% (Average 2.25, Rentai 60%)

UPDATE: Acquired 3rd Dan 1831P. Screenshots in next update, probably.


Ippan ari-ari tonpuu

Jukuren ari-ari hanchan


And now, screenshot of happenings.

7 pairs, 7 dora.

Dealer Double Reach

Nice initial hand.

I love concealed flushes.


Mahjong can't be this nice

And now the hands I lost:

As far as tenhou and the like is concerned... I tried very hard and was managing to pull a great comeback, until some jerkoff decided he wanted to win a cheap hand to guarantee himself last place.

My main has same stats as always, I barely play anymore...

Tokujou Detailed stats

Some happenings

0 Points right off the bat, dealing into a rare hand.

What would you do here?
I discarded 5s and riichi'd, just to deal into a double ron, one of them ippatsu. I get really nervous under stressful sitations. (´・ω・`)

Suu an Kou tenpai.

2fan 100fu!

There are probably some other screenshots unposted, but I'm now unsure of what I posted and what I didn't post. Still looking at my screenshot folder.
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