First of all, how the Janryuumon adventure is going.

Currently 2Dan.
Rating: 1823P
Sparrow Pearls: 160840 (lol and none of them bought)
(all ari-ari) 37%-23%-22%-18% (Average 2.21, Rentai 60%)
(all nashi-nashi) 35%-25%-20%-20% (Average 2.25, Rentai 60%)

UPDATE: Acquired 3rd Dan 1831P. Screenshots in next update, probably.


Ippan ari-ari tonpuu

Jukuren ari-ari hanchan


And now, screenshot of happenings.

7 pairs, 7 dora.

Dealer Double Reach

Nice initial hand.

I love concealed flushes.


Mahjong can't be this nice

And now the hands I lost:

As far as tenhou and the like is concerned... I tried very hard and was managing to pull a great comeback, until some jerkoff decided he wanted to win a cheap hand to guarantee himself last place.

My main has same stats as always, I barely play anymore...

Tokujou Detailed stats

Some happenings

0 Points right off the bat, dealing into a rare hand.

What would you do here?
I discarded 5s and riichi'd, just to deal into a double ron, one of them ippatsu. I get really nervous under stressful sitations. (´・ω・`)

Suu an Kou tenpai.

2fan 100fu!

There are probably some other screenshots unposted, but I'm now unsure of what I posted and what I didn't post. Still looking at my screenshot folder.
Just an update on how I'm doing in Janryuumon. I'm letting tenhou rest for a while. My stats are somewhat stable right now, and I expect them to continue that way. I wish I could have the same stats in tenhou.

Reached first dan in Janryuumon. Not sure how the new experience system works. Similar to tenhou maybe?

Also, played another tonpuusen with Takunori Kajimoto in his latest live broadcast. The log is here:
【3】 1位(+45.0) [般東喰赤]
(xkime(+45.0) takutei(+6.0) 残尿の火事(-31.0) かおリン(-20.0))

Other logs from that day:

【4】 1位(+46.0) [般東喰赤]
(xkime(+46.0) マルコ・ロッシ(-41.0) 古川凱章(-16.0) カクエー(+11.0))

【5】 1位(+45.0) [般東喰赤]
(ざまあああああ(+45.0) siki000(+8.0) johac(-32.0) 理想彼氏(-21.0))

(Yeah, I tend to win with about +45 points. A safe point, maybe?)

UPDATE: 20/04/11's game.

【32】 2位(+11.0) [般東喰赤]
04/20 再生 xkime(+11.0) takutei(+40.0) R2078(-36.0) 畳(-15.0)
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