I'm now a rated player at Janryuumon 2. Yay for me. I'm not doing so bad. I'm busting the heck out of them nashi-nashi tables because of the sengoku event. If I finish this event on time, I'll start doing some 3p for the nuki-dora event. I'll explain the events later, for now, stat screenshot

So, yeah, the events. Sengoku is a nashi-nashi table only event. Sengoku event consists in that, all players start with 50 ovals, and each time they deal in, they lose an oval. You can't recover any ovals. Every time you win off someone else's discard, the points you won are added to a counter. When you are out of ovals, the more points you got, the better. You can get premium items with those points, and there is also a ranking with nice prizes. Until the end of this month.

The nuki-dora event is a sanma only event, where it counts how many kita you made until the end of this month. There is also a ranking, and prizes for ranked players.

As of now, I have 313000 points and 19 more ovals. According to my initial calculations, I should be around 600k by the time I run out of ovals. Not enough to win anything (1st place has 1300k, and 5th place has 630k or so) currently, but I tried.

And some funny moments along the way.

Chinitsu baiman

Haitei haneman.

ippatsu haneman

riichi ippatsu 7 pairs baiman sha tanki

Comeback hand

A very nice mahjong lady that was on the same table a few times. Wish I could find her again. I really liked her style. And the character voice. Username was 花「」姫 but I forgot the middle kanji... Oh, well, until we play again.

This is so unnecessary. w

Upper Nashi-nashi

Never seen the tiles so unorganized...

Yeah, well? I had a flush, too. And it's not like yours gave you first place, because you dealt in the whole game. Thanks for giving me first place, jerkoff.
Just an update of things that happened around this week, or perhaps a while back too. First of all, 5th Dan Achievement.

No R2000 yet, but oh well.

I got yet another chankan at tenhou! More rare than a yakuman.

As far as Yakuman go, I got a kazoe at 特上 in tenhou.

And a riichi ippatsu tsumo hon-itsu san an kou toitoi haku sha... Suu An Kou at Janryuumon.

As far as FAILED yakuman go:

Failed daisangen (some jerkoff won)

Failed Suu An Kou (dealer ponned the dora and later hit me):

Failed Suu An Kou tanki (I reached with a san an kou, and later drew my fourth ankou. Turned a yakuman into a mangan. At least I won!)

And as far as failing go, I completely failed at picking the tanki of my double riichi, just because I wanted to obey theory.

At least, I got another double riichi at tenhou which I did win:

On other news, Janryuumon 2 is out and it's awesome. Nashi-nashi feels good, and they have 3p/Sanma now. I managed to get three kita on the first turn, lol:

Anyhow, the way points are tallied at Janryuumon is kind of BS. Dealer pays the same as no dealer in the case of tsumo. For example, a no-dealer haneman tsumo, dealer pays 6000 no dealer pays 6000. NOT cool. I wish they used Tenhou's way, but I can't complain.

Anyhow, I managed to complete a neat but simple hand yesterday while I was on great flow.

Gawd, I love this game, even though this game hates me most of the time.
Well, except when it give me riichi dora 5 for a change.

I won't get any more ura dora during the whole month after this, it seems.
Weird shit only happens to me during friendly matches. But still, a chankan is a weird sighting on itself. Now, with this, I only have left "san kan tsu" to have completed every non-yakuman yaku. But I hate to kan, so I don't see this happening for a whiiiiile.

Anyway, "pics or it didn't happen."


Of course, what is the need to stop a kan? Well, when I let others kan, the worst of things happen to me. Like a sanbaiman when I'm dealer:

But I get these things do happen... I did get a rinshankaihou on a furiten tanki once.

So I shouldn't complain.
Still, there are two things I fear... sha kan, and sha tanki. I would eliminate that troublesome wind tile if I could.
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