After I recieved my beloved Etopen, I played 4 games while holding on to it, and managed to win the first two games. After that, I played two more games and not only did I win them, but I scored two different yakuman in them. Suu An Kou and Daisangen. Not to mention, I ended up first in those four games in a row and also scored two yakuman in a row. The flow of the penguin is something to be feared. The screenshots are as follow:

And the respective replays in question:

【9】 1位(+54.0) [上南喰赤] (first win)
【10】 1位(+63.0) [上南喰赤] (second win)
【11】 1位(+74.0) [上南喰赤] (suu an kou)
【12】 1位(+94.0) [上南喰赤] (dai san gen)

I kinda needed something like this after I ended up 4th like four times in a row before holding etopen.

Also, pics of the godly penguin in question:

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Probably one of the first Mahjong books in Spanish, and I have been wanting to finish it for a while.

Este libro de cómo jugar mahjong, con cómo calcular los puntajes, yaku, reglas, y otras cosas, es probablemente uno de los muy pocos que hay en español ahí afuera, y me tomó un tiempo corregirlo y terminarlo. Si ya sabes "lo básico del mahjong," esto es ideal para profundizar en cualquier duda sobre las cosas básicas y afianzar los conocimientos básicos. Si no sabes nada de mahjong, probablemente te maree con mucha información nueva junta. Pero, juzguen por ustedes mismos. (Revised & Re-uploaded)

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【40】 1位(+46.0) [南喰]


Also, don't judge my stats on that 5th kyu "Kimecchi", it's my "NoName" account, so yeah, I ragequite quite a bit with it and only play in ippan. Other similar replays with Vampy (<3) are as follow:

【37】 4位(-61.0) [南喰]
【38】 1位(+68.0) [南喰]
【39】 3位(-16.0) [南喰]

Also, the league had a battle royale kinda thing, and I manage to get into a table with my two of my favorite mahjong blog/pon palace pseudo-celebrities, Osamu and VgameT. Also bzzzra there was a nice bonus, cool guy.

[2010/08/14/南喰赤速] A:きめっち(+59.0) B:VgameT(+1.0) C:OSAMU(-37.0) D:bzzzra(-23.0)

And other three league matches:

[2010/08/14/南喰赤速] A:一番を下さい(+43.0) B:bzzzra(+11.0) C:HatHair(-10.0) D:きめっち(-44.0)

[2010/08/14/南喰赤速] A:一番を下さい(+10.0) B:bzzzra(-38.0) C:きめっち(-13.0) D:OSAMU(+41.0)

[2010/08/14/南喰赤速] A:bzzzra(-39.0) B:一番を下さい(-20.0) C:HatHair(+3.0) D:きめっち(+56.0)

Yeah, well, bzzzra was in all of them as you see.

Also, I managed to play in 7447 for a change and win:

[2010/08/14/南喰赤速] A:HatHair(-50.0) B:chuckys(-25.0) C:きめっち(+53.0) D:(_◎_)(+22.0)

On other news, since yesterday I momentarily stopped playing like a drunken bastard with no sense of judgement. Urabe would like that.




So, the thing was, my friend just made an account and he was happily playing as a 9th kyu in ippan. But he has the habit of not folding. Suddenly, he deals in a mangan and manages to somehow get 20k or so behind. He kinda desserved that, considering his lack of judgement, but the thing is, he was gonna ragequit after dealing in, so I told him to let me try to turn things around. I ended up getting a dealer baiman that got him back into first place. I wish stuff like this would happen when I play in my accounts, but it was very funny nonetheless.
I'm at my lowest point. Something that happens once in a while when I just start dealing without much thought and aim for either first or fourth. Which sucks.

If there is a "writer's block" for mahjong players, this is probably it.

I'm not even going to bother with the replays.

On a side note, you can find a lot of people interested in mahjong in twitter by doing a 麻雀 search. That's nice.
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