Imagine a player whose only strategy is "get menzen tenpai faster, insta-riichi, auto-win." This is foolish, but I believe it's also the strategy of the average beginner. Now, imagine a bot that's programmed to get menzen tenpai faster, insta-riichi, and just autowin. What will define their total winning?

Given that the "skill" is just the same, should we say "luck"? Luck? Or rather, probability? Statistics? Averages? EV? After 5000 games, will their stats be the same? (given that the player never improved or detoured from his strategy)

Is it luck? Then, can a bot "get lucky"? No, that cannot be, in the case of the bot it's just probability talking. Purely statistics.
Then, why would you call it "luck" in the case of the player? Why would you feel you can have "luck"? Does your sole presence on the table give you a heads-up? Do you really feel that special?

Luck is merely your -interpretation- of an outcome (either possitive or negative) that is merely linked to probability. You cannot control it, you cannot understand it. Study statistics and probability instead, and then apply it.

Smoke that, occult players.
Yay for Tsuno. Now Tenhou has Jansou mode, if I heard correctly, and also a new way to display your stats for viewing pleasure. I finally reached my goal of 4D1800R. From now on, and until I get demoted, you can find me playing at 特上 (tokujou).

Stats dump:

Also, WTF?

And why not, a little replay dump. I had a streak of 20 games in a row where I couldn't get first place, so I rage-deleted my whole paifu records, so I only have these few from now:

【1】 2位(+8.0) [上南喰赤]
【2】 2位(+2.0) [上南喰赤]
【3】 1位(+45.0) [上南喰赤]
【4】 3位(-20.0) [上南喰赤]
【5】 1位(+40.0) [上南喰赤]
【6】 1位(+54.0) [上南喰赤]
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