Played 20 matches in Marujan to get into the ranking. It seems like I did well.

About that fourth place... someone got a double yakuman tsumo during my South 3 dealer turn and I busted. It was a third turn suu an kou tanki riichi, nothing to do about that.

I've also had my kamicha ron my shimocha for a kokushi musou in another of my games. lol
 Quickly finished 30 games, received my rate and rank, and entered the ranking.

Just about second place for the rate ranking for East Only games.

I'm not used to getting called Perfect Superhuman (with a picture of a dragon, too)... or rather, don't call me that, it's embarrassing.

Though my % of tenpai in a draw is laughably low....




From time to time I make a new account (in this case, 南米の雀) to descend into ippan tonpuusen and eat the souls of the players in there.

EDIT: Graduated from ippan tonpuusen. Gonna devour people at joukyuu tonpuusen for a while now.

EDIT 2: I will just paste my ippan stats back-to-back with those of Mark 2 (coolest tenhou'i guy) for later analysis.

Yeah, I haven't played that many games this month, but it turns out according to the stable dan calculator for upper dan games, I am a stable 17th dan.

Researching a little bit, 17 is the highest number the calculator will give you, so it is not possible to know the "real" number, and also pointless as it is only a string of 11 games or so. Which means nothing. It is obviously variance coming from a low number of games; last month with 30 games, it was stable 12th dan. So, let us compromise and say I am probably around 14th dan or so?

Joking aside, I have been thinking if I can maintain good results of 30 games like these daily monthly, I might be able to do something with it. It could probably help for getting into houou in... a year or so. w

I began applying what I learned about last place avoidance this month. It is the last day of the month, so I figured I should post my results in the monthly ranking for Ari Ari Tokujou Hanchan, since everyone now had a chance to take part.




Last place % fell down a lot compared to before. I am now 66th place in the total ranking for smallest last place ratio. Feels like I climb up a lot better in tenhou with this. Let's see if I can keep it up.
Hit 9d at Janryuumon.

Also, with the good results I took at the league last season, I got a few good places in the Janryumon Ranking for League!

Within Top 100 for many categories, and within top 200 for almost all of them. This season's results are a little less relevant, but still good nonetheless:

And of course, the results for normal Hanchan Ari-Ari in the Ranking.

OMAKE. Riichi, tsumo, rinshankaihou, dora 5.

It's like I cant lose any life points. Never did I demote before, even after entering C league either. The bad thing about this, you have to keep doing it every two weeks to stay at the league. If you don't, you will have to start aaall the way from the beginning like me. Yay.

Other stats from Tonpuusen:

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I never uploaded anything here when I became sixth dan in tenhou. So, yeah. Working my way towards 7th.

Also, playing unranked with friends, net league games, BakaBT tournament games and stuff:

Also, my -other- sub (how many subs do I have, I wonder) hit 3d with an average placing of 2.27

I should begin selling 3d accounts. I must have at least half a dozen.
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