People go for open hon/chin itsu too often. I really love to get these hands closed, it makes you feel like a big and powerful tough boy. They say your e-pen1s grows an inch for every menzen chin itsu you win. This, however, seems to be a lie. Oh, well. I somehow managed to get chin itsu tenpai so fast and with a believable sanmenmachi (three sided wait, or whatever) so I decided to try my luck and riichi.

Of course, my toimen declared riichi afterwards, too. So it was kind of like a little roulette. In the end:

Something like uradora 3 would have been awesome, but my luck is divided in only little fragments like these.

Next hand, I was tenpai with the last monster's young sibling:

Again, sanmenmachi. Upgradeable to ryanpeikou, but I really didn't even need the points, just a winnable tenpai that doesn't require me to riichi and expose my arse. Anyway, the dealer made a mangan tsumo a while later and ended up in first place for like 1000 points. I didn't even bother folding, but useless tiles kept coming to me nonetheless. I still can't get over losing that first place without dealing in. Meh. This kinda thing happens.

Also, I drew an interesting hand in another game:

The old question is "nani wo nerau?"
What would you aim for?
It took me so long to draw useful tiles that I ended up ponning 1s, and chi'ing 567p, for a jigoku dora tanki for san shoku dou kou doradora, about enough not to end last. But someone won a lot of points off the guy in third, so he ended up last instead. I dealt in a lot that game (twice in a tonpuusen), I'm surprised I didn't end up last.

I wanted to leave a little something too for this post:

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